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The world's most difficult foreign currency purchase and sale of goods and Correlations between the same pair. Japan is sensitive to oil prices, for example, Canadian dollar (CAD), the export of oil prices due to correlation, it is the most imported oil. Similarly, Australia (AUD) and New Zealand (NZD) gold prices and oil prices have a close relationship. Encourage them to trade forex correlations (positive or negative), can be significant, despite a strong "correlation trade" is the time. When a relationship breaks down, one more time, this time in what will be the end for a non-trader can be more expensive. monitoring at that time, aware of this correlation is a currency and trade relations in the examination of the inter-market analysis on the basis of special importance to the success of the trade.

Education: Forex Trading

Deciding Which currency and goods trade relations
All foreign currency / commodity trade is the amount of correlations. Commissions and spread further, and consider the additional fees, access to liquidity to take into account the need to learn. Hard currency and will be easier to find information about the purchase and sale of goods, may be adequate liquidity will be smaller and more spread.

Canada, and the main export is oil and the price of oil to export, and thus the amount of pressure on its economy. The main importers of oil, and thus the price of oil imports of Japan and the Japanese economy should be the amount of influence. Japan, Canada, and the impact of the oil, CAD / JPY because of the positive correlates of oil prices. This is double the USD / CAD, as you can control. The downside is that CAD / JPY in general, the higher the spread, less than USD / CAD is a very fluid. the world of oil, the dollar impacts on the changing prices of oil (and vice versa) is more than priced in U.S. dollars. Therefore, the USD / CAD as well as the country's two major oil importers, and that the profile can be made.

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